Greek Getaway: Why a Second Home in Greece is a Smart Investment

May 16, 2023

Escape to paradise and make your dream of owning a second home in Greece a reality. 

Imagine a place where the sun is always shining, the sea is crystal clear, and the lifestyle is laid-back and relaxed. That’s right, we’re talking about Greece.

With its stunning scenery, warm climate, and affordable real estate prices, Greece has become a top destination for those seeking a second home.

In this article, we’ll analyze why investing in Greek Real Estate can be beneficial. Specifically, we’ll see the perks of owning a second home in Greece and how you can take advantage of the booming real estate market, the Golden Visa program, and the countless lifestyle benefits that Greece has to offer.

So, get ready to pack your bags and enjoy your stay at your second home at this amazing destination.


As Greece Grows So Do Your Investments


The economic growth in Greece has been steady and impressive. In the first half of 2022 Greece was marked by a 7.8% GDP growth. 

When it comes to foreign direct investment in Greece, the property market is a key component. According to the Global Property Guide, it accounts for a substantial 25-35% share of all foreign direct investment. The reasons behind this are very clear. Greece’s stunning scenery, warm climate, and laid-back lifestyle make it an ideal location for a second home.

In fact, 85% of all real estate purchases in Greece are made by third-country buyers. This trend shows no signs of slowing down. In the first three quarters of 2022, the total value of properties acquired by foreign investors was a staggering €1.28 billion.

It’s apparent that Greece’s booming real estate market is attracting investors from all over the world.


Enjoying The Best Of Life


One of the main reasons people choose to buy a second home in Greece is the lifestyle. 

Life in Greece brings something for everyone. From affordable living to the ultimate luxury villas in the Aegean, friendly inhabitants, a beautiful climate all year round, amazing food, and rich history, Greece truly has it all.

With the warm embrace of the Aegean, there are plenty of houses by the sea in Greece to choose from. Every region of the nation is lush with lists of lively and must-see locations. 

The country has access to Asia, Africa, and Europe, and is home to a large number of foreigners, the majority of whom come to enjoy what this country offers, from warm weather and gorgeous beaches to incredible architecture and standards of living.


How You Profit From Tourism


Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. 

It is no wonder that more and more foreign buyers are interested in the holiday Greek real estate market. In addition to getting a second home in Greece, they also think about renting out their properties for a good reason.

The country’s real estate market is picking up, mainly on the Greek islands with rents and prices for residential properties in many destinations increasing significantly.

With plenty of properties on Greek islands for sale, renting them out has now become a sound investment move for your second home with high possibilities of generating a respectable passive income.  


Your Golden Ticket To A New Life


Finally, if you’re looking to make a smart investment in Greece, you should consider the Golden Visa program. 

Greece offers one of the most cost-effective Golden Visa programs in Europe. The main benefit of Greece’s Golden Visa program is that applicants will be granted Greek Permanent Residency within just a few months, following a real estate investment of €250,000 until the end of July.

According to the Greek Golden Visa official website, the minimum investment amount for property acquisition for the Greece Golden Visa program in 2023 will be increased from €250,000 to €500,000. The new amendment voted by the Greek Parliament gives a new extension by July 31, 2023, has been introduced, allowing investors to qualify through a €250,000 investment in one of the areas undergoing a price hike if they make a 10% deposit before this date.

The Greek Real Estate market currently has numerous opportunities in properties of that range. From luxurious apartments to beachfront villas, and houses for sale in Greece, your options are completely diverse. 

The program allows you and your family to live in Greece. There is no limitation to how long you can stay and it comes with full access to healthcare and education benefits. The program comes with traveling perks as well, since it gives you the freedom to travel across the Schengen zone without the need for an additional visa. 


Do It With CENTURY 21 Greece



Owning a second home in Greece is not just a lifestyle move. Rather, it can be one of the most profitable moves you can ever make. 

From the rising real estate market to the affordable prices and the Golden Visa program, owning a second home in Greece can really become your greatest investment. 

Greece’s stunning scenery, warm climate, and laid-back lifestyle make it the ultimate location for your second home. With its booming real estate market and popularity as a tourist destination, owning a second home in Greece can only work in your favor, especially with the RIGHT real estate partner by your side.

At CENTURY 21 Greece, we understand that this is an all-hands-on-deck decision. This is exactly why our dedicated professionals are by your side answering all your questions. Providing you with the best advice while transparently giving you all the information is what we do. 

Take advantage of the Global Leader in Real Estate, contact CENTURY 21 Greece today, and let’s get you the most amazing second home in Greece!