Greece Real Estate News – Foreign Investors In Athens

Nov 22, 2022

Most foreign investors choose Greece because it opens the door for promising prospects regarding real estate investment.

Greece Real estate news stated that during the pre-COVID year of 2019, Greece earned more than 4.47 billion euros in Foreign Direct Investment.

Apart from the investment in the islands, now mainland Greece and in particular Athens have more investors. A portion of the assets happening now in Greece comes from big companies, which in turn showcase the potential and the GDP growth of the country.

Today, Greece is in a unique position and it won’t stay for much longer. 

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How Greece’s Economy Grows Rapidly


Despite the political circumstances, Greece’s appeal as an investment location doesn’t back down. For the past 2.5 years, the Greek government has worked tirelessly to generate new income streams and attract investments that would drive rapid growth.

The improved perception of Greece positively affects the intention to invest in the country. One in three respondents stated that their company has plans to establish or expand activities in Greece over the next year – a six-point increase compared to last year. 

According to EY’s survey last year, only 38% of respondents expressed their desire to establish or develop any business activities in Greece. In the latest EY survey, you can notice an apparent increase, with 62% of the respondents being more keen on developing business activities. That being said, experts expect the country’s status to further improve over the next three years.

Today, Greece continues on the path of high and sustainable growth, the creation of many new well-paying jobs, and the strengthening of society. 7 out of 10 companies state that they will proceed with their investment plans in Greece and 9% of the companies plan to increase them.


What Attracts New Investors?


CENTURY 21 New Investors In Greece

Greece is currently one of Europe’s top destinations for tourism investments. 

Most investors believe Greece’s attractiveness will increase further over the next three years. Consequently, Greece took first place in Europe’s top destinations for tourism investments among France, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Romania.

Of course, we should also mention the Greek Golden Visa, one of the most popular investment programs in the European Union. The Greece Golden Visa grants you and your family a five-year residency and free travel within the Schengen Zone.

For your Greek Golden Visa application, you will need your passport, health insurance, payment of fees, evidence of residency and income, and your contract of property ownership in Greece. Having a great partner to lean on during these procedures, will give you enormous peace of mind.

Who Is Investing In Greece?


Germany has risen to the top of the list of foreign home buying in Greece.

Particularly, Germans have spent increasingly on beachfront properties in locations such as Crete and the Ionian islands. According to Greece real estate news, property sales to German nationals have more than tripled in the first half of this year.

This fact places Germans ahead of investors from other European countries. Following Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and the United Kingdom are amongst the top home buyers in Greece.


What Are The Top Fields Of Investment?


Greek Real Estate Investment Sectors

Are you wondering where to invest in Greece?

Greece has one of the world’s most powerful real estate industries!

According to Development and Investments Minister Adonis Georgiadis, investors who had entered the Greek market in the last three years, include Microsoft, Pfizer, Digital Realty, Cisco, and Amazon Web Services.

Also, due to tourism dependence and the concentration on short-term rentals. Domestic house purchases are also in high demand when we talk about real estate in Greece.

Tourism is one of Greece’s most important sectors, employing 10% of the population, and contributing 20% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product. To accommodate demand, the majority of real estate in Greece is rented out to foreigners.

So, Why Greece?


Greek Real Estate Why Invest In Greece

Greece’s appeal is motivated by the high quality of life, transportation, logistics, and telecommunications infrastructure, as much as the degree of local labor capabilities. 

Corporate taxes, labor law flexibility, and Greece’s geopolitical situation are all areas that have also seen development in the Greek mainland.

According to the most recent Greece real estate news, Greece has a favorable impact on the intention to invest in the nation, with 34% reporting that their company is expanding in Greece over the next year. Despite this advancement, it seems that global competition is increasing.


The Time To Invest is NOW!


In Greece, investment opportunities are still growing, but not for long!

Today, Greece is on a road of high and sustainable growth, the creation of many new well-paying employment, and societal strengthening.

The window of opportunity is closing, and the time to invest is NOW!

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