Google In Greece – What Does That Mean for Greek Real Estate?

Oct 17, 2022

A significant move is about to happen in Greece in the upcoming years.

Following the steps of Microsoft and Amazon, Google is now setting up shop in Athens developing a regional cloud service hub. This move reflects Google’s faith in Greece, resulting in the country becoming a worldwide cloud. 

But, what does this enormous investment mean for the Greek Real Estate market?

Let’s take things from the beginning.


Why Google and Why now?


Over the years Greece has made incredible efforts on reviving its tech industry. 

According to the Prime Minister, this change wasn’t something that happened overnight. Critical strategies have been put in place in order to modernize the institutional and regulatory framework.

These vital steps have helped to change the global opinion and the Greek landscape. Now, we are welcoming Google with excitement! 


Google’s Next Steps


CENTURY 21 Greece and the new Tech Giant

What are Data Centers? 

Data centers are used to store, process, and share large amounts of data with users. Automated processes enable systems to reach users – you – in order to provide a variety of services and connection flexibility.

After discussions with the nation’s leaders, Google will establish two centers of excellence for artificial intelligence and sustainability. The company invested a respectful sum in new initiatives for the two centers that will be based in Thessaloniki and Patra. This fact will enable the economy to rise rapidly.

Particularly, the Greek real estate industry, is expected to reach a very great degree: According to Greece’s Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, “Google’s intention to spend 2.2 billion euros on its first cloud services in Greece will increase the country’s Gross Domestic Product by 2 billion euros by 2030.”

According to real estate news 2022, this new technology will allow Greek businesses to manage their data effectively and optimize their cyber security.


The Google Promise


When Gross Domestic Product starts rising in Greece, employment will grow too.

This is due to businesses, Google, in this case, hires more staff whereas residents make higher salaries. 

Google and the Greek government have announced that this sizable investment is expected to help create 20,000 new jobs that will boost the country’s overall economy and GDP. 


Greece: A New Era


How Google Benefits the Greek Real Estate Market

“We can dramatically increase and accelerate innovation and digital transformation in Greece,” says the president of Google Cloud International Adaire Fox-Martin and we couldn’t agree more. 

Foreign Direct Investment and economic growth are generally known to go hand in hand. Google’s investment becomes a means of transferring technology, know-how, and business practices. As it is already evidence FDI supports the creation of new employment, which leads to better earnings and household savings. 

This will be incredibly beneficial to the Greek Real Estate scene. This investment turn the spotlight on Greece making it an even more desirable country for investment.

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Explore Your Opportunities In Greece


Google In Greece

Greece is now enjoying the full trust of international investors, demonstrating a very healthy growth rate. This fact amongst others gave the opportunity to numerous international investors to set foot in Greece.

Greece is one of the most desirable investment destinations in Europe while offering direct flights to all major cities in the world. With the economy now rebounding a unique investing environment has been formed and CENTURY 21 Greece invites you to explore your opportunities.

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